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Flights, hotel, tour, and breakfast. 

7 Days Peru

Flights, hotel, tour, and breakfast. 

14 Days Turkey & Dubai

Flights, hotel, tours, buffet, breakfasts and dinners.

Guided Tours

Guided tours are an excellent option for traveling with family, friends, or as a couple. Our tours give you peace of mind knowing that your agent will deliver the whole package to you, so you only have to worry about having your documents up-to-date and your luggage ready.

We set everything up for you, from the flight to the tour guide waiting for you at the airport, helping you with the procedure of entering the country. Our tour guides will take you to the hotel, help you with the registration, and give you the instructions and logistics of the tour you are about to start. We also offer guided tours in luxury buses and a tourist guide speaking the language you prefer taking you to the most iconic places in the city you are visiting. Our team will ensure your trip is pleasant and memorable, with great experiences you will never forget.

In addition to that, our team will check the requirements of the country you will visit, issues like visas, Covid19 restrictions, travel insurance, and more.

Vacation Packages

Vacation packages to any tourist destinations you want to visit. Plans All-Included or European Plan (EP). We work with big hotel chains.

What the packages include

Nowadays, Vacation packages are more within reach than ever before. As an agency, we help countless people make their dream about vacationing and knowing new places and cultures come true.

We assist them, show them new destinations, and help them choose the most suitable one according to their expectations.

The package includes the flight, transportation, Airport-Hotel-Airport, food and drinks, and tours with tour guides to the most iconic places from the chosen destination.

We provide information about the requirements and documentation to make the trip pleasant without misfortunes.

We help you add travel insurance that covers any accident during the journey.

Tours & Transfers
Tour Guides

Cruise Ships

Cruises leave from any of the ports in and out of The United States with endless destinations all over the world.

What the packages include

Cruise Ships are an excellent option for vacationing. You can enjoy activities such as shows, musicals, cinema, daily activities in the pool area, aquatic parks for kids, a la carte dinners in luxury restaurants, shops, and many more, from day one. It allows you to visit different countries in one trip and on arrival at each port, you can participate in many activities such as visiting the beach, swimming with dolphins, tours to different places, shopping, and much more.

Most of the time, cruising is cheaper than traveling by plane, train, or car, and if you are near a cruiser port, it can be even more affordable because, on your arrival at the port, we will tell you where to park your car and go to the ship’s Check-In by Shuttle.

Cruises on the rivers and lakes are available in the USA.

Honeymoon Packages

We prepare a unique plan for just married couples, with special accommodations in the hotels, romantic dinners at the seashore or the terrace, and many other benefits.

What the packages include

Destination weddings and honeymoon packages are a unique and beautiful way to celebrate a big step in a person’s life. We offer a wide variety of options that fit any budget.

We assist you from the beginning until the end, and occasionally we travel as a group to ensure that every detail works perfectly for you. 

Advantages of a destination wedding over a traditional one:

  • Hotels offer wedding planning services and help a lot with planning ideas, the ceremony, decorations, food, photos, etc.
  • Commonly, guests pay for their trip and hotel. For most people, it is very enjoyable to be invited to a destination wedding because they attend the wedding and take the trip as a mini vacation. Hence, they feel very grateful and satisfied.
  • Since it is a group of people, hotels offer special prices, and depending on the number of reserved rooms, the groom and bride receive an extra discount, with a bit of luck, a free room. The airlines also offer discounts to groups. In addition to all that, the groom and bride have a wonderful experience and make unforgettable memories.

Getaways Weekend Experience

Las Vegas




Weekend Packages

We offer packages for 3 or 4 nights. Take advantage and get away from work on a long holiday weekend to spend it at your preferred destination and enjoy new experiences without spending a fortune.

What the packages include

Weekend packages or Getaways are desirable because some people don’t have the time or money for extended vacations, so we help them plan a mini vacation full of adventures without spending a fortune.

Among the most common destinations for mini vacations are Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, Miami, Los Angeles, and Orlando, among others.

These packages include the flight, hotel, transfer or car rental, food, and drinks (in destination all-included).

These short trips are also an excellent option for work purposes, and we adapt some activities that can be great for spare time.

Be the first on a new journey

Latino Travel offers a variety of custom packages to suit all your traveling needs. Whatever you’re looking for in a vacation or trip, we can make it happen — whether on a remote camping trip or relaxing at a luxurious resort. Get in touch soon to start planning your next getaway.